Friday Mood – From Macao to Viterbo

Once again I’m on the train from Milano to Rome.
This time for a gig-tonight we are playing at Flex Club in Viterbo.

While in Milano I went to the Macao, a skyscraper a few minutes from Milano’s central station, occupied since recently by a group of artists, curators, critics, graphic designers, performers, actors, dancers, musicians, writers, journalists, art teachers, students, and anyone working in the field of art and culture.

Since being in Italy I have been very impressed with the attitude of a lot of artists who are fighting for our culture to flourish in a country that used to be the pioneer of arts but has suffered considerably since, also due to diminishing government funding.
Through a friend I visited the Teatro Valle a few weeks ago in Rome, a great example for the Occupy movement in Italy. Occupied since last June when the government slashed support to cultural institutions and put the theatre up for sale, a lot of important artists have performed there since, all for a brighter future of the Italian artistic landscape ‘in a world increasingly hostage of the finance that exploits and absorbs the primary task of culture, which is being an economy of sharing’ (

The Macao in Milano is the latest building to be occupied after the Lavoratori dell’arte, Cinema Palazzo in Rome, Teatro Valle Occupato in Rome, Sale Docks in Venice, Teatro Coppola in Catania, L’Asilo della Creatività e della Conoscenza in Naples, and the Teatro Garibaldi Aperto in Palermo.

Let’s hope that the Macao can become a true platform for art and culture in Milano. Here is their facebook link to supper if you feel like it:
Hope to a lot of you tonight in Viterbo!

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