Monday Mood

On my way to Rome to film the video for our new single with Mr. Giuliano Sangiorgi (from Negramaro) I am wondering:

- How nice it is to be back on Tour
- Can Francois Hollande really change things for the better in France?
- There is a war going on in Syria, more than 10.000 people died in the last 14 months – but why does our media hardly cover it? Do we not care?
- Amazing how good italy is with trains (free WiFi, mega fast, on time) Apparently about to introduce even faster trains.
- Why are ‘We are Augustines’ so bloody good?
- How did SC Freiburg manage to stay in the Bundesliga??? (Danke Herr Streich!!!)
- Is summer finally here???
- Why do so many amazing influential Musicians have to die lately? (RIP Mr Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch)
- Why does music sound so much better when looking outside of a train window?

Wishing you all a good week! And let me know if you have any answers to the above (Please comment on Facebook).

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