Monday mood

Once again I’m on the train. It seems to be my favourite place to update you guys these days, not really sure why.
I’ve been to see the boys in Florence, we recorded a song for a Reebok commerce which we shot while ago in Paris. I love our writing sessions-we were supposed to write 30 seconds of music; by the end of the day we had done demos for three new songs!
Last week while sound checking in San Martino we also started writing new material – being on tour and therefore around each other all the time is definitely inspiring! The week before that we were in Parabiago where we played at the Rugbysound festival – one of the best crowds I have ever seen. Thank you for that experience, I will never forget it.
We also recently played the Olympic stadium in Rome which, as a massive football fan, was quite amazing for me. Our backstage area was the player’s changing rooms and when we walked out onto the pitch I imagined what it must be like to play a football game in front of all these people. Having said that I am of course more than happy to be a musician instead and enjoyed playing a gig in front of all these people!
That same night Italy beat Germany at the Euro’s – shame the Azzurri didn’t go all the way after that. As we are playing in Ibiza this summer I will of course say Congratulations to Spain. In the end they deserved the title.
We just found out we will also play in Russia this year which is really exciting as i have never been over there.
The most important event for me lately however has been to perform at the Fuori Orario at a solidarity concert for the victims of the earthquake in Emilia.
I wish all these people (also in L’Aquila) a lot of strength in these hard times.
Right, I’ve almost arrived, see you on the road very soon I hope!
Much love,

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