Of old and new habits

I’ve lost a habit which was very dear to me. A procedure, a succession of events that used to make my day and bring a smile to my face. The moment you actually realize that you have lost a habit is when you replace it with something else. I realized that this morning.
The habit i lost is the one of going to a record shop, buying the album I’ve been wanting to buy for a while, take it home, unwrap it impatiently, take out the booklet, listen to the whole thing from start to finish while reading the lyrics and production notes, and hoping for a hidden track.
I sadly cant remember the last time I’ve done this.
When i was a teenager in Luxembourg i used to work in a record store – i listened to all sorts of stuff and really appreciated the concept of an album. A record or a cd was almost a holy object to me. When i was even younger i remember how i used to save my pocket money to be able to buy a certain album. It used to take absolute ages to get there! Yes, today the record industry is changing, esp. considering physical cd’s and also the artistic concept of the album per se is dated – which is a real shame i think.
But as i said, i haven’t only lost that habit, i have also replaced it with something else.
You see, due to all the traveling i do these days, i have developed another habit. The night before I leave I pack my bags. I always take more or less the same things so by now it goes quite fast. And an integral part of my travel preparations has become to prep my iPod/iPad for the trip. So i buy a new album online without listening to it (that would be cheating), make sure its on there and I’m off to bed. Only the next day on my way to the airport or train station i listen to it – and – true to my old habit – i usually listen from beginning to the end.
Yes – its not the same as the old habit, i miss the smell of the booklet and the lyrics and production notes but it feels almost equally special to have something new in the bag.
Today my new albums were ‘Coexist’ by The XX and ‘Hallo Welt’ by Max Herre – two great albums i don’t regret buying at all.

As i look outside the window i can see we are approaching Napoli, one of my favorite cities in the world.
It has been an amazing tour once again – thank you all so much for coming to see us!
A special shout out to our Russian friends – its been the first time for me over there – thanks for the warm reception and I hope to see you soon!
Right, the stewardess looks angry – i better go.
I wish for you all that your favorite habits never die – and if they do – may they be replaced by equally nice ones!

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