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I dont think I qualify as what one would call a ‘Coldplay Fan’. However, when a while ago the band announced the release of their latest album ‘Ghost Stories’,I realized actually how important this band has been to me over the years. In the anticipation of new material by Martin & Co I remembered how all of their previous five albums have become a soundtrack to special episodes in my life.Their songs were always able to capture and reflect certain emotions that surfaced in particular moments – coincidently mostly challenging moments, in my life.

When Parachutes was released for instance, I had just decided to move to the Uk with the intention to shape my life as a professional musician. I will never forget the way ‘Yellow’ made me feel and until today it has remained my soundtrack to a feeling of being about to realise a dream,changing one’s life for the better in exchange for leaving behind the familiar and nostalgic place one might call home.
‘A rush of blood to the head ‘came at another turning point in my life. I moved once again to a new country leaving behind a relationship I didn’t want to leave. ‘Warning sign’ and ‘the scientist’ were the stand outs for me on that one. I remember seeing Coldplay live during that time for the first time and being particularly impressed.By the time X&Y saw the light of day I was finally onto something in my musical career. I was living in between Paris and London, chasing my dream but at the same time losing a person that was very dear to me. That was the price to pay I guess, nothing could fix me those days..
By the time Mylo was released I had finally reached a few of the goals I had set myself,moving home once again and touring the world. Coldplay aswell had reached new horizons, with this album perhaps establishing them as one of the, if not the- biggest band in the world.Once again i faced challenges, this time of more serious matter, a period i prefer to forget. ‘Mylo Xyloto’ became, maybe also as a consequence my least favourite of all Coldplay albums, but just when I thought they had lost me for good I saw them live again, this time in a stadium in Turin and couldn’t help but take my hat off to them.

So here we are again.This time it’s ghost stories and I’m once again at a crossroads in my life.
My second, (the famously so important second album) with my band planet funk is about to be released and i hardly ever put so much effort into anything before, we have been writing, recording,mixing and producing for close to 2 years now. Also personally, I have somehow once again decided to face new challenges when finallyeverything was going smooth. And Coldplay release Magic.
But will they still be magic to me after ghost stories?

Yes, Chris Martin certainly went through a break up and he tells us a little too much about it..
In fact where he used to drop the odd ‘the truth is I miss you’ or ‘when you get what you want but not what you need’, we are now in for seemingly endless desperate phrases such as ‘I think of you, I havent slept’ and ‘All I know is that i love you so’. It’s difficult though-as an artist you want and you have to express what is inside of you. And this time around Martin went for a bluntly honest approach of telling the world how shit he feels. And it was clear that he was going to be judged. I think two or three songs of this style would have been enough and i dont understand how the rest of the band o the management didn’t get involved..In fact it sounds, more than any previous coldplay album, like a Chris Martin solo project. While I firmly beleive that it actually takes guts to admitt to the world you are feeling shit but espascially with what is going on in the world at the moment a few more positive messages would have perhaps helped. (like ‘a sky full of stars’)

However, apart from perhaps songs ‘Ink’, ‘Tue love’, ‘Another’s arms’ and ‘Ocean’s the album also carries amazing moments, magic moments. The melodies, the timing and the delivery are still very much Coldplay at their best and what made them so appealing in the first place. Still able to provide a soundtrack for a period of one’s ife. Still magic? Time will tell..

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