In times like these…

You know that feeling, when you have been working really hard for something for a long time and it’s finally time to deliver?
On the 13th of October my band Planet Funk finally released the new single ‘We people’. Strange title you might think?
When we were writing in the studio in Florence at the time, we realized how hard it was to communicate with each other, as everyone was busy ‘communicating’ through their phone. Weird how this device is supposed to connect you to the world, however, at the same time it disconnects you completely from what is around you..
There is also the emphasis on the ‘I’.. Why is everything ‘I’ we thought?? So we decided to rather communicate with each other, writing a song which focuses on exactly that, the WE, not the I.
The result was the song We people and curiously as soon as we started playing it to a few people, Save the Children contacted us and asked if they could use it for their ‘Everyone’campaign, fighting infant mortality worldwide. In the true spirit of the idea we decided give them the song and donate all digital profits to Save the Children.
Subsequently we also released a free app, which just like in the official video clip, lets people around the world participate through a high five, reinforcing the ‘ We feeling’ , which, in times like these, seems very important to us.

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