Social Rant

Its been a couple of months now since I released my first single as a solo artist, ‘the ocean’ vs Edo.

The first thing  anyone these days asks me regarding this (for me) important step seems to be: “How many streams, how many views”? “Hmm..I think about 200k on Spotify and maybe 50 k on youtube..? The standard reply is mostly something like “Not bad.. But maybe you can get some of your A-list friends to share it, so you’ll have more hype..?”While I still think about what ‘more hype’ in this context exactly means I usually at this point steer the conversation in a slightly different direction; explaining the concept behind the song or the struggle it is to find a sound which entirely represents the musician I am today, respecting my roots and my musical past but insinuating also something new for my future career.. But after a few seconds of exploring this I tend to lose my fellow partner in conversation.. “Ok ok ok yes I totally get that.. Have you seen who left the xfactor yesterday?”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am completely aware of the reality and the importance of social media and new ways of marketing and communication in the world we live in today. I would even go one step further and say that I mostly embrace them, also because I’m tired of people who keep saying “Back in the days everything was better..”In fact, I have an Instagram account that I use regularly and I actually quite enjoy the process of taking care of it. Yes, I also use stories and I am aware that Facebook is now to be used in a completely different way.. Hell I even know what snapchat is! (Although I can’t get myself to use it). .

What I regret though is that it feels as if all these new channels of communication, (which open yourself to an audience you would have never been able to reach before), are used too often as if they were an end in itself..It seems like it is first and foremost essential to have and use all the channels of social media imaginable but  what is actually being communicated is too often secondary.. (It also seems to be extremely trendy to use words and terms of social media itself (like ‘Instagram’, ‘likes’, ‘snapchat’ etc.) in your lyrics…

This type of thinking then results in the following reasoning:

I want to share A but if I share B I reach a lot more people..I actually want to talk about X but I’ll talk about Y because it’s sexier and its a trending topic..I want to elaborate Z but people don’t have time for that..

Similarly , if you’re going to an event but you don’t post about it, it’s as if you haven’t actually been there..At the same time, you only go in order to post about it, enjoying yourself becomes secondary..“Ok Ive done my Instagram story now, can we go please”?..

I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t think social media is used to its full potential. Content should be essential..

But then again, do the majority actually want content? What is content these days? Maybe no one actually cares? Who cares what the song is actually about if the hottest rapper around shared it on his profile..? Who cares about my right to vote if I can govern my computer..? Who cares if we’re slowly destroying this planet if it won’t directly affect me? Who cares if I insult some one online if ill never meet that person in flesh?

Well I care. And I shall continue to do so. In fact my next post will be about the concept of ‘the ocean’ whether its trendy or not.

Oh,and here’s the link. Now kindly share pls..;-)

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