Alex Uhlmann Biography

Alex Uhlmann is an international established singer songwriter. Alex has been the lead voice of Planet Funk since 2010 and has taken on this adventure with the same carefree attitude he had in reaching the top ranks while playing tennis for his country of birth Luxembourg, or learning to speak six languages.
Alex started playing piano and writing songs at the age of six. He eventually migrated to the guitar where he found his lack of formal training to be an asset rather than a burden. Before moving to London, in his period of self discovery and growth, Alex tried his hand at a series of artistic endeavors living in Paris and later Berlin where he immersed himself in his poetry and studies.
In London his indie rock band band Friday Night Hero’s debut album ‘Tourist In Your Own Town”(Capitol East Records) was released to critical acclaim and won the Indie music award as ‘best UK live act’.
Shortly after that Alex joined Planet Funk in Italy.
In 2011 the album “The Great Shake” (Universal) was released and included three hit singles; reaching gold status in 2012.In the same year Alex has been chosen as the Italian testimonial of the international ‘Reebok Classic Leather’ campaign.

Over three years Planet Funk played close to 200 live concerts as part of “The Great Shake Tour” throughout Europe, including shows such as the Formula One Gran Prix in Monza with Jamiroquai, the Olympic stadium in Rome and a headline tour of Russia.
In between the tour and the Planet Funk dj sets with Alex Neri, Alex also started writing and producing for other artists as well as collaborating with Italy’s Superband, a project invented by Bluvertigo’s drummer Sergio Carnevale, bringing together members of major Italian bands for special performances.
Alex is currently on tour with Planet Funk, launching their new album.

But 2017 has also marked the beginning of Alex’s solo career. His first single ‘the Ocean’ vs Edo has been released in Italy on the 14th of July through Sony music.

Later on that year Alex began writing with the legendary US Dj David Morales. The collaboration resulted in a first single entitled ‘Back home’ which was released on April 6th 2018 to critical success, being also played on BBC radio 1 by Danny Howard.
During the same time Alex was chosen by IBM Italy to experiment with artificial Intelligence in songwriting. The result was the lyrics to Alex’s second solo single ‘Butterfly’, released on June 15th 2018 (Universal).
On the 7th of June Alex was awarded the ‘Thinker Award for Creativity’ for his work with IBM’s Watson software.
In the summer of 2018 Alex started live activity with his solo project as well as several dates alongside David Morales throughout Europe.
His first gig as a solo artist was the opening for Negramaro at the Olympic stadium in Rome on June 30th.

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